ClixPlanet Advertising

Prices Starts at $1.00. We can provide for you -> Email ads (full html possible), Banner Impressions, Paid To Click visitors and more just scroll down to find all our advertising options.

Banner Advertising

Price $1.00 per 5000 impressions.

125x125 Navigation Banner Ads

Price $2.00 per navigation Banner.

Navigation banners are 125x125 pixels banners that are shown in the member area for 20 days in rotation with other navigation banners.

Login Ads

Price $3.00 per login ad with 1000 views.

Login Ads are shown to our members for 10 seconds each time they login.

Traffic Links Ads

Price $4.00 per 500 link views.

Your ad will show up in the View Traffic Links page until 500 members have viewed your website.
Members have to view each Traffic Link for 10 seconds in order to earn Points.
If a member views your link 2 times or more, they will only receive points the first time.
Plain and simple, 500 link views = 500 Unique members viewing your website!

Solo Ads

Price $10.00 per Solo ad.

Contact mail full html ads to all the CLIXPLANET database of members!

Ads running on 57 Sites with 144047 Members by Blast My Ads

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